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Type 49143 - Tweed Effect Sock 4ply

Type 49143 - Tweed Effect Sock 4ply

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Fibre Content

100% Merino Wool

2 Ends Non-Superwash Merino,

1 End Superwash Merino


400 Meters Per 100g Hank

100g Hank


Tweed Effect

4ply Weight

Gauge: 3.25mm - 26sts & 40 rows

About This Yarn

This lovely plump yarn base has 3 ends twisted together, one end is superwash and the other two are non-superwash. Once dyed, the superwash strand takes the dye stronger than the non superwash giving a barber pole effect in the yarn. Tips for dyeing this: the stronger the dye and the longer its dyed for the less you see the effect, so some experimenting is needed to make sure the effect is as prominent as you would like it. If dyed for long enough the non-superwash strands will eventually appear close in colour to the superwash and the effect is reduced. The knitted fabric has a nice even stitch definition. This would be suitable for socks on a tight gauge.

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