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Chester Wool company

Type 49137M - Tencel 4ply Mini - 5 x 20grm Hanks

Type 49137M - Tencel 4ply Mini - 5 x 20grm Hanks

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Fibre Content

100% Tencel


80 meters per 100g Hank

5 x 20grm Hanks


4ply Weight

About This Yarn

This is a shiny wonderful yarn. We call it the vegan silk. This is a great yarn to dye, you can get really rich intense colours on it. It does benefit from an extra preparation step (see here) You will need to use Procion MX/Fiber reactive dyes on this yarn. You can also use natural dyes on this base. We have achieved some incredible metalic colours on this base. The yarn does loose a little softness once dyed, but it softens up with movement and work, a quick slap of the skeins on the back of a chair when the yarn is damp helps enormously with this. The fabric is light and airy, and blocks out well with a nice drape.

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