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Type 49002 - Cash Silk Lace

Type 49002 - Cash Silk Lace

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Fibre Content

50% Cashmere

50% Silk


800 meters per 100g hank

100g hank



Lace Weight

Gauge: 3.25mm - 26sts & 42 rows 

About this yarn

This is probably our most luxurious lace yarn. It combines cashmere softness with a glorious shine. The yarn takes the dye well, but the colours can appear slightly less bright than on other yarns. It is possible to get speckles, but they do tend to spread softly. Due to the silk content, this may take a little effort to get wet, so it’s worth soaking for a few hours in warm water to make sure both fibres are equally wet to ensure even dye uptake. The resulting fabric when knit is gorgeously soft and shiny, it blocks well and holds its shape. When knitted this makes lovely shawls or luxury lightweight garments.

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